Tous Les Jours

The success of any perfume brand from a marketing perspective rises on man fundamental basics. As apart from quality and price-value of the product, the brand performance is enriched with both design and creative appeal of the product (fragrance) from a consumer point of view. Empowered with a remarkable understanding (brand recognition) and full comprehension to its story; followed by circulating these values with other consumers to embrace a wider range of brand followers. All this acquire a complete absorption (love) for the brand promise and respect to its qualities and admiration for the unique selling points of the product itself. Smart strategic plan, wide range, spread and successful distribution of POSs; all help in acquiring a greater share in the market locally and internationally.


Tous Les Jours 365 perfumes reflect the legacy of the brand in embracing all customers moods and perfume trends for all times. Where the Development Department’s experts at TLJ acquires the best of the best oil resources from around the world. At the same time, TLJ beautiful combinations of scents has its own glamour and speciality on all customers’ reflections from all backgrounds and budgets, with it’s fundamental and unchanging durability after-use and its well known consistency of notes on all layers of the perfume.


“Tous Les Jours” – French for ‘Everyday – is the authentic brand for perfumes eagerly made with love, enchanted with success, and engraved with a smile. Because, everyday, you meet your loved ones within your daily circles that are full of life. We offer you a new inspiration to enrich your world more, and leave unforgettable impressions at the hearts of others; enriched with a wide range of fragrances that suit every occasion and meet your passion towards success and ambition. Tous Les Jours leading varieties provide a wide range composition of perfumes for various occasions and moods. And it culminates its best special editions for certain seasonal campaigns; that usually include additional gift-packs made in excellent packaging; and many more distinctive promotional offers.




The Tous Les Jours marketing force at Tayamun manages more than 244 POSs around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone, and the count is growing for new locations and more across the boarders into new countries.


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