Al Waleef

Al Waleef trademark has the complete advantages to be in a leadership position among other well known brands in the Saudi market. For, Al Waleef products undergo extensive research and study through the careful process of selecting raw ingredients that form the notes in layers of each perfume. Furthermore, quality control around the clock provides high standards of manufacturing, and it reflects both Al Waleef’s high-end product quality and the unpreceded success stories in sales and marketing. Stories that provided over years a fruitful soil to grow solid business relationships and elevate with all investing associates in a highly competitive environment, where Al Waleef’s perfumes, incenses and accessories stand out brightly among other brands.


Standing out among competition, Al Waleef has always attained the throne of distinctive originality among rest other brands. Al Waleef ’s commitment to details and compliance to the Arabic values as a whole in design composition and perfume output and everything technically well balanced to convey its clear mission: An Everlasting Legacy!. Every pattern and innovative calligraphy in the Al Waleef exhibits tells the story of an Arab value. Covering each fragrance, inscriptions to the Umayyad and Andalusia motifs with deep desert impacts, all these nostalgic impressions evoke a permanent sincere memory of what our civilization was and still standing for transmitted proudly by Arabs of today.

Al Waleef Brand creates all types of selective fragrances, from perfume, to Oud, and Musk; and various cosmetics from natural spray to body spray lotion, cream, air-refresher, soap, powder and all types of Arabian concentrated skin-oils. Waleef is also known for its fusion attempts with Western notes at some fragrance endeavors, delivering them in exotic and wealthy blends and outstanding designs. While a lot of fast-moving perfume trademarks owned by Al Waleef such as Misk, Rawasi, Juri, Waleed El Lahza, Waleef El Rouh, and Alwal Qamar have their own growing interest and respect among loyal collectors. In addition to renewed items designed by Al Waleef houses tactically each season, while all Al Waleef products are known for their environmental touch and eco-friendly packaging, the fact that gives Al Waleef brand its equity and fame over years of operation.

Spreading over more than 85 POSs, in all major cities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Al Waleef is always looking forward to achieve the greatest proliferation in all major commercial centers, and luxurious malls. The brand marketing management works hard to persuade a continuous development to all the brand’s outlets to be more convenient for its customer’s interactive engagement with prospect products. The team also develops new ways to offer new communication methods and seeks to build a closer relationship with all customers of different backgrounds and tastes.

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