Based in Fifth Avenue in Gaslamp Quarter,San Diego,California,USA, since 1992, Coffeetizer’s small bar & pastry cafe is a the embracement of the coffee seeds and all of  fine pastry creations & decadent glory. Coffeetizer’s fresh aromatic coffee is more than just something exotic to taste, it is an ever present reminder of San Diego’s delicious culture, elegance of its coffee blends, and luxury taste of California’s best delights. Today, with our partnership with Tayamun Trading Company, we are part of all this, and we are sharing our passion with Saudi gourmet consumers in primary malls, and premium shopping centers.

Our research and development experts travel to coffee growing locations around the world in order to taste green coffees and select the best varieties to use in Coffeetizer’s blends. Once selected, the coffees then proceed to the blending stage. Coffee blending is a real art, invented by our brand developers (the Collin’s Bros) is prepared with ‘passion beyond coffee’, that passion which makes each cup of coffee unique and recognizable. Our best American blends created in San Diego and prepared specially for Saudi Arabia market include up to five or six different types of coffee (called origins), and can be 100% Arabica or a mix of Arabica and Robusta. The former is sweet and fragrant; the latter is full-bodied and intense.

Applying the original American routs of Coffeetizer’s design was a big challenge for the franchise concept in Saudi Arabia. Using natural blonde-wood and vintage dark Gray surface becomes the new trends for the brand’s International franchise. Tayamun company strived for a modern and neutral design concept that allows the brand to do its best among the customers of Saudi Arabia, thus adapting a more relaxed, neat and simplified urban martial for its visitors to experience, cherish and love beyond reason.

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